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servicesSince our office opened almost twenty years ago it has gone through a number of evolutions and revolutions.

Initially the focus was on traditional chiropractic and pain control, in fact the clinic was named “The Pain Clinic”.

Through the years – and approximately 7000 patients – we saw the need for broader spectrum care and adapted to that need as new options became available. Today our clinic has access to some of the most advanced conservative, drug free diagnostic and treatment equipment and procedures in the area. We now serve newborns and those over 90, and treat conditions from back pain and sciatica to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and from hay fever to skin problems!

This gives us the flexibility to offer our patients care that ranges from short term inexpensive “Band-Aid” quick fix pain control to full spectrum corrective care that may take as much as a year to complete. We make recommendation and you tell us what you want. Always remember that our goal is to “get you as good as you can get as fast as we can get you there!”

Our new patient exam is remarkably comprehensive, and in addition to a meticulous history and physical evaluation includes a computerized range of motion study to document AMA impairment levels, infrared thermography to detail areas of spinal stress severe enough to cause soft tissue swelling, inflammation or an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system and spinal EMG (paraspinal surface electromylogram) to measure nerve and muscle interference along the spine. When combined with x-ray or MRI imaging this gives us a dynamic living picture of the health and function of our patient’s nerves, joints and muscles. This allows us to pinpoint points of stress and dysfunction that the patient cannot even feel before they become so chronic and advanced that permanent damage occurs. Finally, stress on the nervous system and immune function are measured using computerized biofeedback controlled Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. By the time our evaluation is complete we can tell you what is causing your symptoms, what we recommend in order to give you the fastest possible relief, what your options are and what your care will cost. We will recommend chiropractic first, drugs second and surgery third.

As a chiropractic clinic, the cornerstone of our treatment programs is the chiropractic spinal adjustment. The spine can be corrected in many ways that include manual (by hand), table assisted or instrument adjusting or manipulation. Our office provides all these techniques in order to best meet our patient’s needs and wants. In this high volume clinic, we clearly see patterns as to what “works the best” with the greatest number of patients. Three out of four patients prefer instrument adjusting as they are very quick, gentle and effective and do not require the twisting or popping of the joint that many associate with the chiropractic adjustment. In fact, after most people have had a skilled and talented instrument correction, they do not want to be adjusted by hand. One out of four of our patients prefer manual adjusting; they just like the physicality and the way it feels and with some it works better. Each treatment plan is designed specifically for the patient and the adjusting technique best suited to the patient’s needs and wants is expertly delivered. We have the adjusting bases covered no matter what you want!

As a full spectrum clinic we also provide our patients who will benefit from physiotherapy with electric muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercise, sophisticated robotic soft tissue massage and non-surgical spinal disc decompression. The electric muscle stimulation or interferential current is very effective in treating muscle spasm, pain and inflammation. Therapeutic exercise is helpful in re-establishing muscle balance, strength and in improving range of motion. Our advanced non-surgical spinal disc decompression system allows decompression of disc bulging or herniation in all three axes and has been shown to allow three of four patients to avoid spinal surgery. In one of four of those patients the disc damage is already so profound the surgery becomes inevitable.

One of the most exciting additions to our office is a computerized laser acupuncture system controlled by biofeedback called Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. It works by measuring the body’s galvanic skin response (exactly like a lie detector) to various substances that you may have sensitivity to and then desensitizing the body though the acupuncture/immune system using the laser. While it does not “cure” an allergy, it can dramatically reduce the body’s reaction to it. The laser can also be used to stimulate tissue healing and provide rapid and drug-free pain control. We have even seen poison ivy clear up within two or three days without the need for medication. The laser has also been shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and migraine headaches. This Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy is an important part of our comprehensive approach to serving our patient’s drug-free health care needs.

We all know that we are what we eat and also know that the quality of processed food results in many health problems. As part of our comprehensive approach to health we recommend deep tissue purification/cleanse at once per year. After evaluation of most of the detox programs we have selected an excellent three week purification program from Standard Process. Of all the purification programs we have tried this one is the most “user friendly” and effective. It is all about internal cleansing and detoxification of your body. Think of it as “spring cleaning” for your insides. It requires making new, healthier choices for you. You’ll learn to refrain from eating fast foods, processed convenience foods and sugar-laden snacks, which place an unnecessary load on your body. Instead you’ll learn to turn to whole, unprocessed, preservative-free foods, lots of pure water, tasty shakes and whole food supplements. While this is not a weight loss program, you’re also likely to shed some extra weight.

We will be honored to have the opportunity to share our office with you and your family. Please call us at 913-682-4848 and set up an appointment or just drop in for a tour of our clinic and to discuss your particular needs. We know that you have many choices for health care here in Leavenworth. If you are interested in effective pain control and health care without drugs, we are an established resource with a proven track record for fast and positive outcomes.

We are privileged to serve.